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Michael McCurdy

Registration is open for the 2013 Good To Go Commuter Challenge, May 11-17. The Challenge is a friendly competition between individuals, teams and workplaces. During the week-long challenge, participants track and report their sustainable commutes online; anything counts except driving alone.


If you don’t know Sara Hoffee, you may know her bike: a green Civia Twin City Step-Through. A lot of regular BloNo cyclists will recognize it because Sara rides it practically everywhere. And she’s sharing her experiences in her blog: Little Bike on the Prairie.

It’s a blog I wish I had the time to write.

Her most recent post nudges Downtown Bloomington to become as bicycle friendly as Uptown Normal.

“I hope with the new mayor and the influence of Bike BloNo (if you don’t like them on Facebook already you should do it now!) that Bloomington can turn itself into a more convenient cycling destination. The city boasts quite a few great local businesses that seem to get overlooked by the cyclists I run around with because it’s so much more convenient to utilize Uptown Normal. One of my summer resolutions is to take advantage of Downtown Bloomington…especially since I live and work nearby anyway.”

She’s also working to dispel myths.

“While I had a gut feeling that it was faster for me to bike than drive, I was honestly surprised when I saw today’s results. I save about eight minutes a day by cycling rather than driving and actually end up covering more miles in the car than on the bike thanks to parking locations–you can see the breakdown at the end of this entry. Couple this with my financial savings (for example, if I drove to my freelance job at ISU every day I would spend about $850 a YEAR on parking alone) and the real question is: ‘Why wouldn’t I ride my bike every day?’”

And Sara is always thinking about her safety on Bloomington-Normal streets.

“I wish more people knew about/obeyed this particular law, and honestly am tempted to keep the yardstick tied to my bike indefinitely to raise awareness of it. I can think of dozens of times in the past few months where I’ve been nervous about how closely an automobile comes, and I hear stories all the time of cyclists getting buzzed by angry drivers. It’s no joke and no way to “teach a lesson”, as one particularly charming man in a van yelled at me last year. I really wish all drivers were familiar with the “three feet” law, and that they  understood how terrifying (not to mention dangerous!) non-compliance is from the cyclist’s perspective.”

Subscribe to Little Bike on the Prairie. Unless you’re on a bike, it might be the only way you can keep up with Sara.


Mike McCurdy is WGLT Program Director and co-coordinates the community sustainable transportation project Good To Go. The 2013 Good To Go Commuter Challenge is May 11-17.

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  1. Sam J says:

    Nice bike. Nice blog. Nice write-up. That’s what, three times as nice? Way to go Good to Go.

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