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Dinner line-

There is ALWAYS something delicious to munch on in the dinner line and the best part is the constant variety. There’s always something new to try out!

Meal planners: your food is FREE, just swipe in and go.

Bringing a guest: just pay with them using FlexDollars

Super close: located on campus behind Stevenson Hall and next to Alamo II


To go boxes: (the key ingredient to your next Netflix marathon)

Step one: grab a box

Step two: fill with food

Step three: consume food until gone



What’s the deal: As you may know, Watterson is one of the tallest dorms in the United States, but it is also home to some of the most delicious food. As an incoming freshman, your meal plan will become your key to survival. Early birds and night owls alike will all rally here to regain strength from long study sessions (and let’s not forget about those early gen-ed classes).

The Breakdown

Pizza & pasta bar

Cereal room (AKA heaven)

Fresh Bites (fruit & granola bar)

Dinner Line (various items)

Dessert and pastry section

Paninis & sandwiches

Wok Station- Asian cuisine


Drink options: This isn’t your typical one stop shop for drinks. Watterson has pretty much any drink you could want. Choose anything from milk, chocolate milk, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and lemonade.

Vegetarians welcome: Salad bar, Fresh Bites, pasta and pizza are all sans meat areas of the dining commons. Or mix it up and make your own Panini with anything you want on it.

What It Is: Like it sounds, the Student Government Association (SGA) offers students the opportunity to make changes around campus through various initiatives. A past example includes creating a smoke-free Quad. The organization consists of an executive branch and a legislative branch, both of which have different responsibilities and leadership roles. The entire organization also works closely with other RSOs on campus to provide the best possible events for students. SGA’s events include activities like Pig Out with the Prez, an event that takes place each fall, and others that are extremely popular during Homecoming Week. Certain positions are appointed, while others are selected through elections or applications. Those with elected positions are elected in early April and are elected for a yearlong position beginning at a ceremony called the Passing of the Gavel. Individuals who join SGA often have the opportunity to work and network with administration and faculty, providing them the means to learn about the inner-workings of the university.



·         Executive Branch

o   Leadership Positions: Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Student Body Executive Director

o   Secretaries of Committees:

§  Public Relations, Information Technology, Sustainability, College Affordability, Diversity Affairs, Programming, Governmental Relations

§  One secretary per committee

·         Legislative Branch

o   Leadership Positions: President of the Assembly, Vice President of the Assembly, Secretary of the Assembly

o   Senators:

§  On-campus, Off-campus, Academic, Student Life

§  Can have multiple senators per area


Opportunities for New Members: Although freshmen cannot hold elected positions, they can join other areas of SGA, such as the Emerging Leaders Program. This program allows the students involved to gain the skills necessary to go on to have leadership positions, but this is not required.

Statement from a Member:

“SGA is a wonderful organization to be a member of because as a student, you are able to enact real change on ISU’s campus. We create pieces of legislation that helps make life for students at ISU easier and more fulfilling. How cool this that?!” — Lisa Crocco, Secretary of Public Relations

Contact Information:

Official Website: http://sga.illinoisstate.edu/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ilstusga

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ilstusga

 No two days should ever be alike. Illinois State University can make this a reality for students open to new opportunities, who make it a top priority to live life to the fullest. Adventure is out there, and the best way to find it at ISU is through the Campus Recreation Adventure Program (we would say flying to South America in a house tethered to balloons, but this is more practical). If it happens outdoors, the Adventure Program can make it happen for you, whether it be biking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, climbing, backpacking or any other activity you want to try.

Surprise: there’s more to Illinois than just corn! The Land of Lincoln has so much to offer with lush valleys, gorgeous rivers, breathtaking rock formations and even mountains! The Campus Recreation Adventure Program offers students the chance to embark on many exciting trips across the state. And don’t worry; unlike other trips and outings, Adventure Programs won’t cost you hundreds of dollars. In fact, students won’t pay over $160 for any group trip, and most are under $50. That’s a pretty cheap spring break or weekend getaway, and you don’t need to travel far to have fun!

Here is a quick preview of the main trips:

Spring Break Southern Get-Away

Your friends are all road-tripping to Myrtle Beach or flying to Italy. If you want a unique spring break trip that won’t cost anywhere near the gas to get to SC or the plane ticket to Europe, but still delivers on exciting experiences to brag about once you get back, join the Campus Recreation Adventure Program on a get-away to Shawnee National Forest. You’ll spend six days backpacking across the scenic southern Illinois country, with climbing and rappelling to finish up the trip, all for just $160 for students. So much cooler than going to a crowded beach or eating pricey pastries.

Picnic, Paddle and Play

Take a short drive over to Evergreen Lake here in McLean County for a laid-back day on the water. Enjoy the warmer April weather with kayaking, canoeing, Frisbee, grilling out with friends and more. This trip is just $15 for students, including food, equipment, and transportation.


Giant City Climb and Hike


Whether you’re an expert climber or just starting out, you’ll love exploring the awesome rock formations of Giant City State Park. Climb, rappel and hike through the park to test your limits and gain a new hobby! Students pay just $85 for this trip.


Yoga Dayhike

It doesn’t get much more zen than yoga next to a waterfall. Matthiessen State Park in Utica, IL is the perfect setting for a day of restorative yoga and leisurely hiking. $35 covers the trip, with a yoga mat included.


Mackinaw River Paddle

Just like the lazy river at the water park, the twisting Mackinaw River provides the perfect chance to relax on the water. You’ll spend the morning and afternoon paddling along the river (with a break for lunch) for just $15.

Sign up for these and other activities online at http://adventureconnection.illinoisstate.edu/.

Didn’t see a trip that’s adventurous enough for you? You and your friends can create your own unique trip with the Adventure Program. Need help planning your trip? Need equipment and transportation? Ask the Adventure Program by completing a survey here (https://survey.lilt.ilstu.edu/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=ll23mn53).

For more information you can also email Adventure@IllinoisState.edu or call (309) 438-8419.


Department of Accounting

Department of Finance, Insurance and Law

Department of Management and Quantitative Methods

Department of Marketing

Master of Business Administration





Masters in Accounting

Business Information Systems


Small Business Management

Integrated Marketing Communication

Masters in Finance

Human Resource Management

Professional Sales

Masters in Insurance and Law

Organizational Leadership

Business Teacher Education

Masters in Management and Quantitative Methods

Business Administration

Masters in Marketing

International Business

When it comes to business, Illinois State University has one of the best programs in the country and has awards to prove it. It is one of 169 schools in the whole world to be accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Many of its programs have been nationally or top ranked, such as Risk Management, Insurance, Sales, and Human Resource. In addition, Bloomberg Businessweek magazine ranked ISU’s College of Business as one of the top business programs in the nation in both 2012 and 2013. These are just some of the many rankings and recognitions the College of Business has received.

While the business programs are impressive, let’s be honest, the best reason to be a business major at Illinois State University is the State Farm Hall of Business. Easily the nicest building on campus, the 118,000 square foot structure comes complete with state-of-the-art technology, a courtyard, and a business bistro. The four story building  just opened in 2005, thanks to the generous support of surrounding insurance companies who believe in the students the College of Business produces. Millions of dollars were donated to build the stunning structure, named after State Farm, and containing an atrium financed by COUNTRY Financial. The building is perfect for business students to prepare for their future in a beautiful learning environment.

Highlights of State Farm Hall of Business Include (taken from website):

  • Twenty multifunction classrooms; 200-seat auditorium
  • Executive classroom with distance learning/teleconferencing
  • Recruitment/interview facilities for preferred partners
  • Executive boardroom providing a unique, professional environment for large meetings
  • Financial Markets Lab
  • Professional sales training suite
  • Focus Group Facility with observation and multimedia capabilities

 In addition to the perks of the building, students in the College of Business have a lot of opportunities available to them. Internships are plentiful and various networking opportunities come with being a student in the College of Business. Alumni like to give back to their school by coming to alumni events and connecting with undergraduates. Every spring the College of Business hosts a Business Week where students can interact with professionals in the business community. These are just some of the many ways Illinois State helps business majors prepare for after graduation.

To get even more involved as a business student, there are a variety of RSOs strictly for College of Business students. They are listed below:

Accounting Department Student Organizations

  • Beta Alpha Psi (Accounting Honorary Society)
  • Business Information Systems Club
  • NABA (National Association of Black Accountants, Inc.)
  • Student Accounting Society

Business Teacher Education Student Organizations

  • Pi Omega Pi (Business Teacher Education Honorary Society)

Finance, Insurance and Law Department Student Organizations

  • Illinois State Students in Finance (ISSF)
  • Gamma Iota Sigma (Co-ed Insurance Fraternity)
  • Toastmasters

Management and Quantitative Methods Department Student Organizations

  • American Marketing Association
  • Pi Sigma Epsilon (Co-ed Professional Marketing/Sales Fraternity)
  • Sports Marketing Student Association

Marketing Department Student Organizations

  • Business Association
  • International Business Club
  • Sigma Iota Epsilon (Co-ed Management Honorary Fraternity)
  • Society for Human Resource Management

College of Business Student Organizations

  • Alpha Kappa Psi
  • Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Business Week
  • Delta Sigma Pi (Co-ed Professional Business Fraternity)

You know you’re a business major when…

  • Everyone else wears sweatpants to class and there you are in a suit.
  • You practically live in the State Farm Hall of Business.
  • Group projects will be the death of you.
  • Everyone has internships and talks about them all the time.
  • You go to every job fair within a 10 mile radius.
  • You’re on LinkedIn more often than Facebook.





       I don’t have siblings. You do, right? Amazing! Sibling Weekend is here and it’s time to bond…I have a lot of ideas for family fun, and since I can’t put them to use so you should. I’ll be living vicariously through you until Sunday. Grab your siblings and get your fun on!


       1.  Day at the Movies → Whether you want to see The Lego Movie or Divergent, Bloomington-Normal boasts two movie theatres that office great discounts for students. Check out the Wehrenberg Theatres and the Starplex Cinemas websites for movie times and more info.

       2. Cheer on the Redbirds → What’s more fun than a day at the ballgame? Grab your baseball hats and your Cracker Jack and cheer on the ‘Birds as they take on Webster University. Did I mention the tickets are free? That’s what I call a home run. (That’s also what I call a bad pun…my distress over being alone this weekend is getting to me.)

      3. Discover Fun with the Little Ones → If you’ve got youngsters with you, the Discovery Children’s Museum in Uptown is the place to be. Admission is $7 for everyone over the age of two, and kids two and under are free. Paint! Explore! Find your inner child!

      4. Explore Downtown Bloomington → A nice alternative to the hustle and bustle of Uptown, Downtown Bloomington has lots of shopping and dining just outside of campus.

       5. Fill up on Fro-Yo → Little known fact: Normal, IL is the frozen yogurt capital of the world. Well, maybe not technically…but it should be. This weekend UPB is hosting a Freestyle Fro-yo concert at Cherry Berry Friday night featuring a musical performance and a discounted treat. If you’re not in the mood for music, Cocomero in Uptown is open late.

       6.Find Reggie → Looking for an adventure? Find Reggie! The beloved Redbird is always around campus. Great opportunity for a photo op!

       7. Get Up! with UPB → Looking to snuggle up on the quad? Saturday at 4:30 UPB is hosting a movie night on the quad featuring inflatables and snacks. Bring a blanket and get ready to get cozy up while enjoying Up!

       8. Go Insane at the CPA → Looking for some culture? The Center for Performing Arts is currently running a production of Mrs. Packard, a show about a headstrong mother who was committed to an insane asylum in a time where woman had no voice. Leave the kids at home for this one: it features a lot of adult themes and even more incredible performance.

       9. Lunch at the Watterson Buffet → Free lunch! Check out the campus dining website and get a voucher for a free lunch at Watterson Dining Commons for up to two guests. Make sure to grab a take out box…you’ll want seconds. Plus, waffles with Redbirds on them! Who can resist?

       10. Rock Out Around Town → Who doesn’t like music? Sure there are concerts on the quad, but BloNo also has several music venues for 18 & up! Well known bands frequent the Castle and US Cellular Coliseum in Bloomington. Firehouse Pizza in Uptown host many great local bands as well.

       11. Run Off to the Circus → Step right up and get your tickets fast! The Gamma Phi Circus is pitching its tent this weekend only. Come out and see students perform death-defying stunts that are sure to make any kid (or adult) smile

       12. Shop ‘Till You Drop → Shopping is always a good idea. Check out the bus routes and take a ride to the Eastland Mall or College Hills and stock up on some cute outfits for warm weather. 

       13. Stock up on Redbird Merch → Show your Redbird pride by picking up some ISU gear! Whether you’re hitting up the Bookstore or The Alamo II, you can find great deals on spirit wear for all ages.

14. Stroll through Uptown→ If you’re looking for cute shops and delicious meals, Uptown is the place for you. Featuring bakeries, specialty stores, and a ton of restaurants, Uptown is always a good idea.

15. Take a Trail Trip → If all else fails, take a walk. Constitution Trail is a nice place to walk if you’re looking to clear your head (and hide from family).

Phew, looks like you guys need to get busy. Make sure to add some of these fun events to your weekend’s itinerary. Have fun for me, alright? Or better yet: Adopt me! I make a pretty awesome sibling… just look at the itinerary I made for you!


Before we jump into learning about all of the wonders the Student Fitness Center has to offer, we must first discuss the dos and don’ts of the Rec.

DO: Do your research on the muscles you want to exercise before coming to the gym. Ask staff members questions if you’re confused.

DON’T: Try to use a machine or free weights if you have no idea what you’re doing. It won’t look pretty, and you might hurt yourself.

DO: Bring a source of music or headphones to entertain you while working out. It helps you get in the zone, and you won’t get distracted by other people’s weird body noises.

DON’T: For the love of all that is good in this world, DO NOT sit on a machine or bench just tap-tap-tapping on your phone during peak workout hours. Lots of other people need to use those machines, and nobody cares if Eminem isn’t the right song to bench press to.

DO: Wipe down the machines. Re-rack your weights. Leave your area as clean or cleaner than you found it.

DON’T: Keep a stockpile of weights around you “to use for later.” Don’t wipe your forehead sweat then press all the fun buttons on the treadmill. This isn’t your home. You shouldn’t even treat your home like that.

DO: Be proud of your hard work…even if you’re only on day one. It takes guts to want to change your lifestyle.

DON’T: Accost people’s senses about it. An occasional tweet is cool but not everyone is interested in what your one rep max squat is.

What It Is: The Vidette is Illinois State’s student-run newspaper. It  prints four days a week, complete with a weekend edition on Thursdays. Because there are only three professional staff members, students gain invaluable experience while producing a newspaper. The support of the Bloomington-Normal area is apparent through the number of advertisers as well as the amount of businesses who distribute the paper.


Take Five:

The Vidette is actually a paying job, so employees receive appropriate wages based on their positions.

It employs roughly 100 students per semester.

The Vidette is an award-winning collegiate newspaper, bringing home 17 awards in 2014 at the Illinois College Press Association contest.

Positions include sales, designers, reporters, copy editors, editors, photographers, marketing interns, as well as leadership roles, such as Editor in Chief and Advertising Sales Manager.

In addition to the regular paper, The Vidette produces about eight supplement guides per year that focus on different aspects of student life, like Homecoming, surviving freshman year, and the best businesses in the area.


Appeals to These Majors:

  • Communications
  • Journalism
  • English
  • Business 
  • Marketing
  • Graphic design


Statements from Members:

  • “I like working for The Vidette because it’s like a family. I go into work and don’t want to leave; it’s not really work to me. It’s what I want to do as a career.” —Laura Fromme, Art Director
  • “Working at The Vidette has helped me gain experience in writing and editing that I could not have obtained in the classroom. I love being a columnist because I get to voice my opinions on certain topics I choose to write about. I also really like hearing other people’s opinions after they read my columns. Being a copy editor is fun too because you get really close with the others while waiting for the stories to come in. You also learn how to become an awesome writer which is super helpful with my majors.” —Christina Danno, Columnist, Copy Editor


Contact Information:

Official Website: http://www.videtteonline.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_Vidette

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Vidette/401368959858


Personal Recommendation




Monday-Saturday: 11 a.m. – 8p.m.

Sunday: closed

Ultimate Nachos: AMAZING. You can get it vegetarian style too (veggie chili). Pick and choose what you want on them then go to town! (Guacamole comes from an avocado, which is a fruit, so it’s basically a fruit salad)


It can get a tad expensive depending on what you get but don’t forget you can always use your Flex Dollars!

 Super close!

Located on the first floor of the Bone Student Center on the northwest edge of campus.

-Vegetarian items available

-Free Wi-Fi

Learn more:

-Facebook.com /TeaFreaks

-Twitter.com /McAlistersDeli







                        What’s the deal: The best thing about McAlister’s is that it has something for everyone!  Their key items range from salads and sandwiches to sodas and spuds. They are known for their daily soups, spuds, and sweet tea. Pop in and try something new today!

 Choose two: Debating between two items? Get ‘em both! How it works: get any cup of soup with a half portion of any starter, salad, spud or sandwich.  Worried it will be too much food? But who doesn’t love leftovers?

  Lite Bites: Portion control and calorie information is available right on the menu. Eating out doesn’t need to mean eating bad. McAlister’s has more than 200 choice combinations under 600 calories. 

  Secret menu: First reason to order from this: feel superior and awesome. Second reason: great food. Find the secret options online consisting of seven secret items not found on the menu.

  Crave on the run: Feel free to call in and place an order for pick-up. Order at (309) 438-5042 and skip the line.

  Rush Hours: Just like on the road, McAlister’s can get pretty congested. Try to avoid the rush by dodging the super hectic hours; any time from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on weeknights it’s usually crowded. Any time on Saturday feel free to stop in for a bite, the line is typically pretty short.

   Student Friendly: Jobs available for students. Just go online at McAlistersDeli.com to apply or pick up an application in person.


March 13th


Do you know where to go on campus to rent DVDs, calculators, iPads and more for free? Milner Library has the technology to help you get more out of your Illinois State experience and cut expenses in the process.

Thousands of films are available on DVD for week-long rentals at Milner. All you need is your Redbird ID and you can enjoy recent and classic films or documentaries without rental fees. This is an excellent resource for class as well, as you can search online by topic for relevant films to help you better grasp concepts or learn the history of a subject.

Many general education courses require clickers for participation activities. Instead of paying around $40 for this small piece of plastic, you can rent one free from Milner. Graphing calculators can run around $100 new, but these are also free to rent from the library. Just be sure to rent these items early as quantities are limited.

Renting a laptop is also free and takes just seconds. Laptops are available for 3-hour periods from the new rental unit on Milner’s main floor. This is convenient for watching films, research, or typing up a quick assignment without having to lug all your gear across campus.

Milner also offers more expensive technology and equipment you may not be able to afford on your own for free. Digital cameras, camcorders and tripods are available to use for class projects or hobbies. You can even try out an iPad for an entire week.

Speaking of expensive equipment, paying for ink yourself is likely to cost you at least $200 a year, not to mention purchasing a printer and paper. You can print off black and white sheets for $0.08 and color sheets for $0.32 with your Redbird card in Milner’s computer labs. Their printers are well maintained and far more reliable than your parents’ old printer that jams every other job.

Milner Library is so much more than books and a quiet spot to study, but with six levels of study space and hours from 7a.m. to 3a.m. on weekdays, it is the best place to get work done at any hour. Floors two through six offer new charging stations for your phone if you plan to stay a while. And if you’re hoping to pull an all-nighter, Einstein Bros. Bagels has a snack and coffee bar open until midnight Sunday through Wednesday (4 p.m. Thursday and Friday, closed on Saturday). Vending is also available in the Milner basement.

Check out the Milner Library website at library.illinoisstate.edu to view items for rent, search for DVDs and books, get help with a research project, and view upcoming events.

 As a freshman myself, I have to admit that moving into the dorms was a terrifying experience. So many housing options! How are you supposed to find a roommate? Are toasters allowed? As a freshly minted blogger for the Office of Admissions, it’s my job to educate the masses on the perks on University Housing. Or at least tell you you’re not allowed to bring your own toaster.

       1. First thing’s first: are you living on campus or off? If you are living off-campus as a freshman, this means that you are living with your immediate or extended family. Off campus will save you money and guarantee that you’ll eat three square meals a day. Living on campus means a little more freedom, a little less rules, and a lot of new experiences (Ever wondered what it’s like to share a bathroom with fifteen people? Wonder no more, friend. Wonder no more.

      2. If you’re living on campus you have three equally awesome options: Watterson Towers, Hewett/Manchester, and Tri Towers.

      3. Hewett/Manchester is close to the Quad and filled with themed living communities: perfect if you’re looking to live on a floor with students in a similar major. It’s also just a short walk from the Bone Student Center and Watterson Dining Commons.

4. Watterson Towers is the behemoth of the residence halls, standing tall with a whopping twenty-five floors. It’s set up as fancy suite-style living, and any resident will tell you it provides one of the most quintessential living experiences on campus. Plus, it’s connected to the Watterson Dining Commons, so rain or shine you’ll always have quick access to food.













                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                5. Tri Towers is a little further from the Quad, beloved by athletes for its close proximity to the Horton Field House and Redbird Arena. Non-athletes appreciate it for it’s top-notch Marketplace at Linkins dining center: the Mongolian Grill is a life-changing experience.













      6.  Remember the important housing dates and deadlines! In mid-May you’ll receive a letter that includes your date for housing selection. When the time comes you’ll be able to declare your room and roommate preference. That information can be found on the University Housing website as well as your Welcome2ISU account. 

        7. Next, get yourself a roommate! I met mine on Illinois State Uversity App on Facebook and we’ve had nothing but good times since moving in together. Seriously, this collage doesn’t lie. (Okay, there’s one harrowing picture in the corner…in our defense, that was taken post-Zumba.)

         8. Finding a roommate can be a tricky thing, but University Housing has your back. There’s a roommate profile for you to fill out that will match you with someone if you want to go random, but plenty of ISU newbies are taking to Facebook to find someone to live with. Through the Groups at Illinois State School’s App on Facebook, you can post your own virtual “roommate wanted” ad telling the community what kind of BuzzFeed articles make you laugh and what weird hours your keep. After that, you just wait for the fish (birds…Redbirds, perhaps?) to start biting.

       9. Once you’ve found your roommate/soulmate, meet them safely at a ISU-sponsored event! With tons of open house days, Redbird Receptions, and even Preview, there are so many opportunities to meet your future roomie while surrounded by smiling Illinois State staff. Check out a calendar of events here!

1     10. Now, for the crucial stuff: coordinate who will bring what. Whether you’re into color-coordination or have totally different tastes, someone has to bring the mini fridge. A list of dorm room basics is available on the University Housing website, so make sure to tweet it to your future roommate and get to The Container Store. 

       11. Now, the moment arrives: move in and have fun! Bond with your roommate with all kinds of fun Welcome Week activities or just grab coffee at Einstein’s Bros. Bagels  If you’re lucky, your roommate might even end up working at Einstein’s! (Hi Jess! Sliced and toasted, please!

       12. Make sure to make your room your own! Own a life-sized cutout of Harry Styles? Bring that sucker in!* Have a passion for the holidays? Hang up Christmas lights! Think Subway wrappers make good wallpaper? Paper! Those! Walls!

      (*Of course, check with your roommate first. Waking up to a Harry Styles cutout can make for a wild surprise or a terrifying morning.)

       13. From one freshman to another: keep your keys and ID on you at all times. They’re expensive to replace and it’s not worth the hassle. Remember where your KIDs are, kids. 

       14.  Get involved! With floor meetings, residence hall government, and all kinds of committees and registered student organizations you’ll always find something to do. If you’re not digging anything the school has to offer, you can take steps to start your own club!

       15. Finally, and most importantly: enjoy University Housing because it’s really great. Like, really great.

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